Hello and Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!

Ah, the notorious FIRST POST.

Well, to begin with I would like to thank you for reading this, yes you, lone reader. Women in REDzine (WIRZ) is the first (and best…) multicultural women’s art and literature magazine at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. You’ll see that a lot, as it’s on our website, our Facebook page, our twitter page and even here, and while it may seem like lip service, I assure you it’s not. Before WIRZ, women of ALL color, women’s expression, and multi-cultural women’s issues had been largely ignored by other campus magazines, newsletters, and publications. To be first in this case is more than a mere rite of passage, it is an indicator that we have always been pioneers, the ones who see the void and step in to fill it.

WIRZ was founded to amplify the voices of the under-represented communities of women-identified individuals on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s campus and the greater Madison community of different racial, ethnic, religious, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, and differently-abled backgrounds. That sounds like a mouthful, and believe me it is, but what that means is that WIRZ seeks to turn lambs into lions. We do not speak for the multicultural community, but rather we provide a published space, both in our print issue and website, for them to represent themselves through their own voice, their own words, and their own forms of artistic expression. We are simply their megaphone. We AMPLIFY their voices by compiling the works of people, from different backgrounds, experiences, identities and cultures, in the hopes of encouraging cross-cultural dialogue, multicultural education through the arts, and establishing a community of respect and heightened awareness.

Once again, it is time for us to raise the bar and be pioneers. We could use this space to complain, or we can just “rub a little dirt in it” and get back on the field – complaining doesn’t work anyway. Side note, that is not a defeatist attitude, I just appreciate the challenge of playing injured (whoa, two football related metaphors in a ‘feminist’ magazine blog, yes, yes I did). It seems the key word on our campus, in our capital…in our state of Wisconsin, is flexible and so we are being flexible and evolving. To remain stagnant is to die and so, we must once again, step into the void and remake what has been broken. (See how I avoided the “miles to go before I sleep” reference…although I guess I just said it…Hmmn…onwards and upwards?)

We are proud of our legacy and wish to emphasize that our focus has always been, and will remain, the continued celebration and uplifting of ALL women and our multicultural heritage.

The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine


2 thoughts on “Hello and Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!

  1. Very nice first post. It’s good to see a publication trying to expand and adapt so that they can reach more readers and make yourself available to a broader audience.
    Hopefully this is the first of many posts, Editor-in-Chief (and it’s nice to see a sense of humor in the Overlord that runs things). I wish you and the Women in RED the best of luck.

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