We have the STAFF, we can rebuild it :)

So it usually takes me forever to write blog posts – they feel too personal, or they feel too much like I’m talking to myself – but I am too excited to even sit down and I am wagering that I can finish this one in the time it takes me to finish my cup of coffee…no it’s not morning, but I’m in college and it…wait, why am I explaining this … it’s 8:15 pm and I’m having a cup of coffee. Ok then.

Back to the exciting news. First I got an office for WIRZ and I was thrilled, then WIRZ was funded and I was ecstatic, now WIRZ is staffed and I think that words fail me to describe how much I LOVE our staff. You know the feeling you get when you hear that satisfying crunch when you break the top of great crème brûlée with your spoon?…or the feel of sun on your skin on that first REAL day of spring, when all you have planned is a good book, a cup or glass of something you like, and a comfortable place to lay and enjoy it?…or when you get caught making eyes at the really cute guy/girl who just happens to be JUST-YOUR-TYPE and they smile and you blush and look away only to catch them staring at you in the YOU-ARE-JUST-MY-TYPE way and you feel like you’ve been struck by lightning because your skin is tingling and then they come up to you and ask your name and you smile like an idiot and hold out your hand out and say K…? Yeah, that feeling is the one I’m talking about. When you find a team that is not just willing to work with you to achieve your goals, but rather, a team that is EXCITED to work with you to achieve a common/shared goal. A team of absurdly talented writers to begin with, who want the challenge of pushing not just themselves, but each other, to the next level….it just…makes me…makes me…(here is a classic example of a hole in the language – there should be a word that means exactly what I am trying to say…curse you (is there even a word for the “holes in the language” phenomenon I am talking about?) missing word) I mean, a one hour meeting was almost two hours for some and NO ONE wanted to leave…I’m just saying.

So dear, sole, lone, reader 🙂 the past few weeks have been fun! I sat TWO seats away from Billy Collins (no, not Phil Collins’ brother, but rather, the American Poet and Poet Laureate from 2001 to 2003) at a special dinner. He is very nice, reminds me a little of Inspector Gadget…and waaaay funnier than I had expected…although, I will admit that I find it a tad bit weird that there is a Wiki page on someone I watched eat stuffed chicken and portabella mushrooms just an arm’s length away from me….hmmn. But his poetry is laugh-out-loud-funny and I felt the stirrings of a fan-in-the-making within me, listening to him read…alas, the fan died shortly after I remembered I could never write poetry and it was replaced with bitterness at his ability to do it so well. He is on my mind because he introduced me to a new word “azaleate” (which alas, may be spelt incorrectly, but since I can’t look it up) however, it is a word he joked about in his reading, which encapsulates the local phenomena that travelling writers always seem to have “just missed” in the various towns/cities that they visit. It is a word made to fill in one of these holes in the language…read his poem “The Sandhill Cranes of Nebraska” and you will understand.

This hole in the language theory is haunting me now…if only I could use it as an excuse on a paper or exam… “See Professor, I meant to write you a thrilling nine page paper on the merits of Dante’s Divine Comedy in the twenty-first century, but the holes in the language rendered me speechless and dumbfounded at 4 pages.” I don’t see her falling for it, so I am off, besides, coffee is cold. YAY!!! Spring in Wisconsin and I am still having to wear my socks….che schifo!!

As always, your intrepid (and fearless) leader,

 The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine.


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