So it begins….

So here I am again, crouching on the edge of my seat and sipping a cup of coffee; I blame my amazing AEIC for my addiction to Iced Mocha, Cappuccino and Macchiato (I am not made of money, so I have an amazing coffee-maker that can make everything, from Hot Chocolate, to the delicately layered Macchiato and it makes me a happy camper…you’ll have to Google it if you want one, they don’t pay me to advertise for them :)) But moving away from the caffeine-rich deliciousness that is my beverage of choice.

Happy Easter to everyone!!!! I can no longer say “dear lone reader,” since I know there are a few people who read this blog now. To you, I say BRAVO for being willing to stick with me through this quagmire, I hope I always say enough interesting things to make the trek worth it. The reason for such a quick follow-up post is that I have RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING news. So earlier I gushed over my staff, and how because of them I can see that we will ROCK in the fall…well, I must say that the choice of the staff that we have was inspired. Their excitement is infectious…and now, the fearless and intrepid leaders also deserve mad applause…even from those of you in the back, who usually don’t clap, thinking you can get away with half-assing it.

The staff of Women in REDzine have been invited to the 2011 UW-Baraboo/Sauk County Summerset Festival of the Arts. You can read more about it here, I am beyond excited that our team has been invited to this event. In a time of flux, when it seems so much about what makes the University of Wisconsin a multi-campus university is changing, it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase a unified student body and to be the only outside student group ever invited, (that I am aware of) is beyond AMAZING and we are truly honored; to have the opportunity to make such a foray into the world of literature and the arts, taking WIRZ further into the heart of Wisconsin! YAY!!!!! We cannot wait; readings from our staff are epic in their ridiculous awesomeness and the audience will not be disappointed. Again, credit for my love of the word “awesomeness” belongs entirely to my AEIC and any hate mail will be forwarded to her.

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking. “But, intrepid (and fearless)” – yes I know they mean the same thing, but it’s like that “this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl” joke that I love, so yeah, moving along – “EIC, how can you possibly top that?” Well, dear reader. I can top that. WE GET TO HAVE A PRIVATE DINNER WITH JENSINE LARSEN!!!! The founder and editor of the Portland-based international women’s magazine World Pulse, visit it here, Yeah, the same amazing woman who delivered keynotes at Hewlett Packard, Bioneers, Bennett College, and the Boulder Conference on World Affairs and whose magazine World Pulse was nominated for “Best International Coverage” of 2004 and 2005 by the Independent Press Awards. See, I promised it was awesome. I will be sitting closer to her than I was to Billy Collins….I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! (Quit sipping on that haterade! It’ll only make your lips green 🙂 besides, we do this with NO BUDGET. Imagine what we could do if we had money!

So, you see, when I tell you that Women in REDzine will be doing bigger and better things, both on and off the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, I was not just blowing smoke, dear reader. We love this magazine and take the responsibility of making it count for something, very seriously. WIRZ will be better than it has ever been and dear reader, that is exactly what you deserve…is a magazine that does EXACTLY what it sets out to do!

I love our staff, I love our readers!!! Stick with us and we’ll make it pay off.

As Always, I remain your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine.


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