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So I should be working on my short story collection, but my splitting headache is motivating me to do otherwise and all the royal wedding mumbo-jumbo on my Facebook wall makes it an unlikely avenue for mindless time wasting….which is what I really feel like doing. I know that I need food and I need to stop worrying so much about things that take care of themselves….but again, as my tummy rumbles it’s deep baritone of complaint to me, I am struck by how utterly unmotivated I feel, even to get food…I’m anemic and so likely, this whole migraine-tired-hungry, thing is my body’s way of telling me I am in desperate need of iron.

But anyway, that’s enough about the feebleness of the EIC, why the new blog post you ask, well, dear readers, my AEIC, who I love and adore like a sister (one that you actually like, and who you have no bad memories of her having tried to kill you, or steal your favorite toy just so she could behead it) so, someone that I love like chocolate (trust me, that is bigger than sister love…I would be swimming in that Willy Wonka chocolate river, even if it had little chocolate sharks and chocolate crocodiles) that AEIC manages to get the EDITOR of ROSEBUD literary magazine to come and talk with our staff and it got me thinking. Is ambition a double-edge sword? In a time when everyone gets a trophy, why is it that AEIC and I can’t abide the thought of second place?

I know that the ambition that we both have as EIC and AEIC is pretty much phenomenal; we want that brass ring so bad we can taste it. But will all the work of building the brand, getting WIRZ out there, getting the reputable people in the business to be willing to meet with us, and our staff…will all that work be for naught? I can’t think that or else I’d be paralyzed by fear, but is being the group to beat, in this game called undergraduate publication, worth it when in a year someone else takes over, someone without your drive and determination to make it better than it was? It’s not just for MFA fodder, that we love this magazine. We love this magazine because we truly see it as an untapped resource for some of the best emerging writers, poets and artists to get to an audience that can and will appreciate their work….regardless of the caveat that we are just “an undergraduate magazine.” I think this university places an emphasis on the Arts (and that includes literary efforts such as our own), but until recently I don’t think as students we understood that. There are so many grants and sources of funding out there, just waiting for someone with the single-minded focus to go out there and get them…especially since our governor (yes, I won’t capitalize it) sees it fit to begin eradicating them. I think our ambition will lead to some heart-break…not many, and not big ones, but there will be a few. A few missed moments where disappointment will seep in and steal some of our happiness…but for now, we blaze a trail too amazing for anyone to ever really follow. I hope we maintain it. That surely will be the true test of our love for what we do…those days when the writing that we hope to get, is not on par with the stuff that we are getting.

I hope those days are far, far, far into the future and you, dear reader can help. Send us your writing! Your poetry that you keep locked away from the world; that short story about the summer you went backpacking across Europe and met the hippies who offered you pot; that flash-fiction piece you think is too weird for anyone to like. Send it to us. is live and beautiful and ready for you to talk back to us!

As always, I remain your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine.


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