Finals week and here I am…

Hello dear readers, it’s just after 7 am yet and I am awake…not because I am all refreshed and raring to go conquer the day…not even close, simply because that class from hell, which has the final exam devised by Satan to crush my spirits, is in roughly 10 hours and I keep having nightmares where I’m roasted over a roaring fire as the professor cackles madly and asks me to describe in detail the process of Lysine synthesis in plants! Needless to say, no more sleeping for me. I really hate weed out classes—I loathe weed out classes because their sole purpose is to crush the determination of those students deemed “not smart enough” to devote an insane number of hours to teaching themselves everything—since they have a professor who teaches a 3 credit ELEMENTARY course like it should be a 1 credit course (naturally), but then writes exams as if it’s a 15 credit class and you have magically been transported to the advanced rocket science test for geniuses with picture perfect recall…’cause remember that photo from slide 96 that she had up for 10 seconds then said she would “never expect you to remember this,” well there’s gonna be 15 questions on it so…FRAK!

But anyway, despite the attempts to ruin my life, I’m happy to say that I am still in a pretty phenomenal mood. And related to my previous train of thought on weed out classes, I feel that as a writer, and now an editor, the weed out is the most painful part of the writing–submitting–publishing circle. You send in a story to a magazine, you never hear back from them…or if you do hear back, it’s six months later and it’s a cursory “ha–ha, no dice” rejection (from some underling, no doubt) that kills you a little, but you brush it off and send out your wounded piece back into the hostile world and wait some more. Women in REDzine is nothing like that. Each piece is read by at least three people…on average each piece gets five reading (2 Reviewers, 1 lead editor (poetry or prose) and the AEIC (who LOVES to read and compulsively reads every submission) and myself) This way, you avoid the dreaded hierarchy of publishing that involve the planets alignment with the sun and the moon and whether or not Mars was in retrograde on the night you were born and if you were upside down when you pressed the submit button…no, your submission gets shown some love at WIRZ.

I talk about our reading style because now we are starting to get submissions coming in…and not just any submissions, but amazing writers are submitting their work and I will admit to dancing around in utter jubilation when I saw that—no judging! If Tom Cruise can get away with it, then so can I! But, yes, so I was thrilled to see the submissions for Fall 2011 starting to come in and I wanted to let submitters, possible submitters, past submitters, everyone, know that we want your work. If you read this blog and like it (*gasp*) then you probably are into writing at some level, quite possibly are even sitting on a little treasure trove of beautiful poetry, or fun stories, or artwork. Please send them to Women in REDzine. Having now seen behind the WIRZ veil go ahead and visit and submit. We now have the submission manager up and running, in addition to the direct email option…so go ahead, you know you want to!

There will be another blog post shortly, with excellent news, so stay posted. (ha-ha, I almost said “stay classy, San Diego,” but that, I think, would have cost me dearly, and revealed that I may, perhaps, have seen Anchor Man, or snippets of said possible movie that I may, or may not, have seen) So until then, dear reader, Push. That. Button.!submit-to-wirz

As always, I remain your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine.


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