The Victorious Return…of she, who went nowhere…YET!

Hello again, dear reader, it seems you may be feeling neglected, or feeling as if I am shirking my blogging duties…my apologies, I have indeed been avoiding the siren call of my computer in favor of other, equally procrastinatorial, endeavors. Hopefully, you spent some of your time away from me working on your tan, or a hobby not politically motivated — like the guitar, or scrapbooking. (I know what you’re thinking— this is a great opportunity for the EIC to launch into some tirade about the debt debate — you’re thinking, use this platform to say something…but why, everything I could say has been said. It is time for us to DO, ’cause talk is cheap, and well, this blog may one day (soonish) be in Italian…so brush up on your Rosetta Stone…and ok, so I just said something, but you knew I would so, I’m just giving you what you secretly wanted anyway :)) As for me, well your intrepid (and fearless) EIC has been doing what I always do…managing to juggle those hundred glass balls without breaking any…well, one, but that is an incredible success rate — better than our government can say — unless of course, you were the one that fell, then, not so much. Isn’t it funny how a change in perspective can change a situation in its entirety? Hmmn…

Well, to leave that bit of bitterness behind, the much awaited semester (specifically September) is fast approaching and brings with it our second barrage of events. More on this later as I’ll be updating the website calendar and the one for here as well. Interviews are being completed and poems, artwork and stories are actively being acquired…yes, ACTIVELY; we hunt them, like they were slow moving gazelles out on the grassy plains of Africa and we were the elite navy seals of the lion kingdom…is it just me, or did you picture lions leaping out of trees (nimbly?) onto the backs of said slow moving buffets? 🙂 (Hmmn, is it weird that made me hungry? Steaks?…) The first event —Our trip to UW-Baraboo’s Summerset Festival of the Arts was a blast!!! I’ve added a few photos of our guys doing their thing 🙂 The beautiful Kristin was there, but managed to duck out of photos…since she’s the one that took them…but all in all, excellent day. (I wish I could convey to you the icy-ness of the beer that washed down the perfect burger, as I had dinner with my crew that evening…but alas, dear reader, some things, not even I can describe.)

Our gallery show is in the works, as is the All RED bash and numerous documentaries/films are being sourced for our week of festivities in December. YAY!!! It promises to be a busy, yet fun, quarter. I also can’t wait for you to see the Autumn issue (in October). It’s a poetry-rich issue, featuring writing from all across the WORLD and runs the gamut from Sandhill Cranes, to urban street interviews and the fun, youthfully optimistic, photographs of our youngest (EVER) award-winning photographer! She is 15!!! Can you tell I’m excited? And you ask, as you always do, EIC, how can you top that? Well, ask and you shall receive, the Winter issue in December is shaping up to do just that! Did I mention there’s body art in it? And Pat Rothfuss? (Yeah, I call him Pat, that’s how I roll.)

Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough 🙂 We’re getting ready for big, BIG changes! I could tell you now…but why? You knew I had sadistic tendencies when you joined this relationship…I like to keep you guessing. I’ll tell you all about it the next time we meet, until then, ci vediamo!

I remain your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine


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