Say it Loud!

Hello again, dear reader, it’s that time again…for me to regale you with tales from the water cooler, or some more exotic place known as Editor-in-Chief-land, but the truth is I’ve been away for so long because I’ve been busier than a three-legged man, with a two-legged woman, being chased by a one-legged fool…you get to go to the head of the class if you knew what that was from without having to Google it. 🙂 And no, I was not alive when it was popular; however, I DO have parents with questionable tastes in music.

Ok, so all that madness aside what has it been like to be the EIC of Women in REDzine for the past month? Well, funny you should ask, since I happen to have been there…somewhat… We started September with a bang and had the Student Org fair…all I can say is wow; I don’t remember ever being that fresh of a freshman. I think somewhere in my mind my seventeen-year old self was turning her nose up at the smell of acne cream and hyper-stimulated virginal-testosterone. I dare say it was almost too much for my sensibilities, but then the staff of WIRZ is so amazing that they made it fun…4 hours of F U N. I stayed away, grumble grumble advanced Italian grumble grumble and only enjoyed one hour 🙂

Speaking of testosterone, I mentioned in the last blog post that there was much glass-balls juggling being done.

• The Autumn 2011 issue of the magazine will be heading to the printers in a few days!!!! It is a mind-blowing, budget-bustin’ issue that I suspect will be harder to keep in stock than discount coconut water. (…more on this later!)
o Feature interview with body artist, Dawn Marie Svanoe and Photographer, Colm McCarthy.
o Feature interview with fiction writer Benjamin Percy
o Feature interview with poets Nick Lantz, Jacqueline Jones Lamon and Sean Bishop.
o Fresh young faces interview with poets to watch, Noah Whitford and Amir Tarsha.

• The Wisconsin Poetry festival is fast approaching on Saturday, October 15th, check it out here,

• Then as if that wasn’t enough of us, how about a little Zine action on Saturday, October 22nd,

• What, you say, still not enough? Well then, The Wisconsin Book Festival is also fast approaching on Sunday, October 23rd, check it out here,

• Gallery Show!!!! You see that, yep, it says a GALLERY show! We got one, we working on others. See the art in REDzine is so amazing, stunning, beautiful, breathtaking that well, it just doesn’t all fit on an 8” x 11” to really see it you need a whole room, a whole tour, a whole ….experience. We know that, and now you will too. I will keep you posted, dear reader, on where to go to see, and NOT touch the art 🙂 Well, maybe a little, but only briefly, while no one is looking and only to assure yourself that someone human made it and that the brushstrokes are real.

See, they get that we’re completely, and utterly awesome, so please attend as many of our events as possible and save us from talking to ourselves. We’ll be selling our newest issue and some promotional materials, plus there’ll be a chance to meet your favorite WIRZer and get some swag. Oh, and for clarification WIRZer are not some caramel-ly deliciousness that you can eat, but rather a potentially irate, mayhaps somewhat delicious, staff member. (I suspect all attempts to unwrap these treats will be met with hostility, so, caveat emptor!)

Okay, so those who pay attention notice I sometimes say REDzine and I sometimes say Women in REDzine. We will ALWAYS be Women in REDzine! The website,, cost too much (financially, emotionally, spiritually) and I have literally put my blood, sweat and tears into this labor of love to ever change it. However, having said that Women in REDzine is a mouthful on a magazine, hard to remember and gives the impression that we are an exclusive coven of she-woman-man-haters who would never, ever publish a ..a…a…man?!?!?!?! Well, contrary to popular beliefs, we are staffed pretty close to 50/50 and we do read, view, like and accept work from anyone brave enough to send us something amazing. We have chosen to pick the part of our name that says the most about WHO we are and brand our magazines.

• We are REDzine on our magazine…why? Because when Chanel Matsunami Govreau started the magazine back in 2007 she felt that it was powerful. “I chose RED to reclaim our University’s “color.” To take that monotonous red on every wack pair of badgers sweat pants and turn that shit into red electric glitter; RED through the spectrum of our multicultural artists’ community.” I agree with her, RED is the color of passion, a color of life and a color that already represented and united a group of people. It wasn’t an exclusive club to any group…in fact it was created to be the opposite…a group that welcomed artists, writers, poets, those creative with a pen, creative with a beat, creative with a style, working for that dream…whatever, and whoever you were.

• We are REDzine on the magazine because I choose to reclaim that legacy that she started and make it what she wanted to make it. To make it what I want to make it…and more importantly to make it what REDzine has the potential to become. So if you have nasty emails to send, please do, the universe is full of people like you, and that is why the people at Microsoft gave Gmail a delete button 🙂 PEACE!!!!

Okay, so I mentioned discount coconut water before…told you I would come back to it! Thank you Rihanna…and I say that with all love and bitterness. Thanks to you, my normally .99 cents 17 ounce cans of delicious, healthy coconut water, which by the way kept me sane and happy, are now NEVER in stock!!!!! WTFrak!!!! Now, if I want to sip the healthy stuff regularly I have to hand over $3 for an 11 ounce box…I swear, I’m gonna start hording those cans. When the apocalypse happens I’m gonna have a house full of ramen and coconut water and melee weapons…so no ideas!

Until then, I’m jammin’ to Eminem’s ‘Till I collapse (and listening to my roommate (who is in her room btw) whispering “blog,” in a Gollum-esque voice over and over again, while I mentally calculate the difficulty involved in using my dresser and television to block my bedroom door tonight) and all the while, thinking of ways to spread this wave of RED to a town near you … yes you. So keep an eye out for us…

I remain your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine


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