Elation…or fever high

Dear Reader, I’m still floating on the high of having our Autumn 2011 issue be so well received and look so damn good at the same time; it’s a sleek, glossy, black cover with…(cheese warning) a woman, in red, on the cover…both front and back — which the back has to been seen…it’s completely and utterly brilliant and awesome! I love our first issue of the year…actually, our first real issue ever. There are interviews with Benjamin Percy, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Sean Bishop, Nick Lantz and an artistic feature on body artist, Dawn Marie Svanoe and Photographer, Colm McCarthy. Suffice to say that it’s worth the money to get your hands on a copy. I’ve included the cover image so you can see what I mean. You should get it! Website…Mag Swag…boom and it’s on its way to you. http://www.womeninredzine.com/#!__mag-swag

The Kickass Cover

It’s a big thing for me to still be happy, since I’m gotten the mother of all colds and another reading to do today…but, ok this is where it gets weird, I’m looking forward to today’s reading. I know, right! But it’s like Cheers and going back to a place where everyone knows your name and most of the people in attendance like you…and like your work. The cold just seems to melt away and I’m hoping to bring it for these people since they deserve a great reading. Poetry is the order of the day…we’re taking a lot of prose with us…who apparently put the pro in prose (that’s our prose editor talking and all hate mail will be forwarded to him 🙂 )

But I told myself this would be quick…just a quick ‘how you doing’ and bustin’ out and I think I will stick to the plan. Come on out and see us at the UW-Baraboo/Sauk County if you’re able to, support us by getting a couple copies of the magazine (remember, as a non-profit all money goes back into printing the magazine…do you recall the “we are all volunteers” conversation we had?), pick up a bottle opener and keychain, listen to some young (and between you and I, soon to be famously awesome) writers read their work for free at the T.N. Savides Library. You know you want to…besides it cold outside and I’m running a fever so you’re at least guaranteed a warm cozy space to pass an hour or so. So be there…or have a really good excuse!

So, until we meet again, I remain, as always, your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine


The Blog Entry of a Justifiably Angry Woman…

I try to be nice, I really do. Even though I am naturally pre-disposed to be anti-people because I have yet to meet a dozen people who consistently DON’T – get in my way, hold me up, ride my coat-tails, get on my nerves, try to delay me, try to derail me, try to make me LESS, because somehow, someway, it amuses them, it doesn’t occur to them, it’s just the way they are, they are useless, or worse still, because they are too apathetic to be motivated to do anything. My list of consistently liked people is very small and I find the more interactions there are, the smaller that list becomes. That can’t be right, so I have come to the conclusion that it must just be me…I’m not apathetic enough.

Why bother having goals and aspirations since all that awaits is disappointment…why work so hard to do so much when you’re the only one willing to do the work? It’s like being a lioness…the one who does the dirty work of chasing and killing dinner, but while she lays there panting and trying to catch her breath the rest of the pride close in and want to start in on filling their belly. Well damn it, I’m saying no. You want to eat from this buffet…then show me what the hell you’ve done to deserve it…unless you’re as out of breath from chasing dinner as I am, I don’t care if you eat. Don’t just stand around trying to look like you’re doing what I expect you to do…because I see that and it makes me angrier than if you don’t do anything.

And I’ve heard every excuse and don’t want to hear another one…EVERYONE is busy. I do not exist in some parallel dimension where I have the luxury of endless free time, wads of disposable income, or unending patience. I have 40 hours worth of stuff to do in every 24-hour day and more patience than a kindergarten teacher…but I’m human and tired of people disappointing me. Starting now we’re going back to old pride rule…if you aren’t right there with me chasing it down, then I don’t need you and you’re going to go hungry…and if you irritate me by being INTENTIONALLY thick-headed and difficult, don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the menu.

It is highly unlikely that this blog is about you…but if you want to take it that way, feel free to hate on me. The fact of the matter is this post is about someone, yes, but it’s about someone likely too apathetic to even read it…and that’s the truth.

Dear reader, I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not mad, no this setback has not ruined my good day or my good mood and yes, I am quite the B word…but I never pretended I wasn’t. I’m still excited as our Autumn magazine is due back from the printers soon, we will be appearing as part of the Zine Fest this Saturday, Oct 22nd AND hosting our own event on Sunday, Oct 23rd as part of the Wisconsin Book Festival. This promises to be a fun weekend and then we have a special reading at the University of Wisconsin in Baraboo, WI on Wednesday. When October churns to an end and November rides in we have more events to keep us busy…like the Feel-Good-About-It Sale…jewelry, bags, scarves, etc; the unveiling of our electronic version of REDzine, the reading portion of our calendar etc. We promise to have more fun with you as the holiday gets closer. I’m excited about that.

So, I can’t give in to apathy, it’s just too… sad and boring and besides, with less than 12 people on my personal list who seem as ravenous as I am I’m guessing it’s fashionable to be apathetic — I always endeavor to not be fashionable or trending when it comes to things of this nature. Otherwise, right now I’d have a Mohawk in all black with a piece that hangs over my eyes and a feather clipped to my hair somewhere, I’d be wearing knee-length brown leather boots, intentionally-impossibly skinny jeans, a puffy scarf, texting on my phone while listening to my iPod, carrying a hemp backpack that supported everyone and no one at the same time, a nose and lip piercing, a tattoo of an eagle…possibly on my face, I would both support and be repulsed by same sex marriage, our president and whether or not I felt we should remove Scott Walker from office and would classify myself as a young conservative democrat with republican tendencies in favor of a socialist agenda that had classic fascist underpinnings.

As it is, I’m just me…always unfashionable and outspoken and I will probably give more damns than I want to for the rest of my (perhaps too short as a result) life. But until then, I remain, as always, your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine

We Now HAVE An APP For That …

Hello again, dear reader, I write to you from the blissed-out coma of my bacon-wrapped polish brat with its warm blanket of spicy onion, garlic, and bok choi, all nestled into my soft, hotdog bun…and yes, I ate the whole thing! I needed it! Today has been a day for the record books.

First up, I finally finished the first phase of the REDzine store. You can find it here, http://www.womeninredzine.com/#!__mag-swag, it is a fun, hopefully likeable, little store with only a few items, but it is a place to pick up a subscription to the magazine, or a single issue…or multiple issues and subscriptions. *cough* take the hint *cough* As well as a few cruelty-free, humanitarian earrings, necklaces, scarves, etc. that manage to do so much more than look beautiful, but also provide a living wage for families on the other side of the world reclaiming their lives after suffering unspeakable horrors. These products are only a sampling of the offering to be had from http://www.madebysurvivors.com/ but, because of our demographic, I felt these were the ideal pieces to be carried by REDzine. So, buy something for your mom, your girlfriend, your teacher, the girl who babysits for you…anyone, and do something for two organizations in one stroke. I call it the Feel-Good Support, because it is support that feels good!

— The second phase will be to fully populate the Team Red Gear section with our REDzine t-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs and various other accoutrements designed to make you smile… and look good while you’re doing it. Give me until next weekend and hopefully, that section will be full of swag.–

Second up, we’ll be launching our REDzine App soon…in a matter of 2 weeks. Meaning you’ll be able to get us on your Kindle, Nook, Ipad, Iphone, Smartphone, PC etc,… if you can browse the internet from it, you can get a subscription to it from REDzine. Meaning the KICKASS Autumn 2011 issue will be yours for the viewing on the go! I’ll talk more about this once it’s live and in living color.

Third up, and this is possibly the most important, for now. REDzine is at the Wisconsin Book Festival next Sunday, October 23rd, 2011. We’re also going to be at the Zine Fest, the day before on, October 22nd, 2011. Check us out here, https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=299808423367092 and I’ve also attached a copy of our flier. Feel free to pass it along! Feel free to attend. Normally this is where I’m supposed to say that we have punch and pie…but alas…BUT, we do have Magazines and you can certainly come and purchase one, or more, and sign up for a subscription while you’re at it.

At Union South - Industry Room, 1308 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53715

I know there’s more, and if I remember, I’ll update you, but for now that is all. I’ll return to my coconut water and allow you to get back to the business of Facebook stalking, or Mag Swag hunting 🙂 or whatever it is you were doing.

Until we meet again, I remain, as always, your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine

I need some alone time with my BED!!!!

October Newsletter pg 3
So, it’s almost 7:15 am and the people who know me, instantly know this is not an early morning for me…but rather a late night. A long, late night. I’m tired, no, I think I was tired at 2 am, what I am is exhausted…but I managed to finish the Autumn newsletter AND the Facebook Friends with Benefits Campaign flier. I’ve attached the Campaign poster to this blog post…the newsletter comes later (after a well-rested, wide awake proofreading)!!! YAY for me…wish I could get an “atta girl” but the bf would probably growl at me if I woke him up, considering that he so thoughtfully sent me to bed hours ago…meh, but since when have I ever obeyed the bedtime rules…and this is what he gets for trying to send me to bed! *grumble* grown ass woman I am *grumble*

But anyway, short post as I want to avoid any embarrassing typos as a side effect of the lack of sleep, but I wanted to get the goods to you ASAP, dear reader, post haste, so you can enter, tell your friends (even the ones you only pretend are your friends, until they leave the room and BOOM…you put all their business in the streets), your roommates (even the slob who leaves the knife sticking out of the peanut butter jar in the refrigerator), your family (even the third cousin you almost kissed that one time at the family reunion before you realized…you know, that he’s at your family reunion for a reason), your neighbor (whose mail you occasionally steal), EVERYONE, to enter…it’s so easy, all you have to do is “Like” us. (LINK to us: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Women-in-REDzine/206193782727250)!!!!!! You “Like” us for a chance to win a FREE one year subscription (4 issues) of the REDzine magazine; a FREE official REDzine t-shirt; a FREE REDzine bottle opener; a FREE REDzine keychain AND a special mention in the spring issue of the magazine!!! Say what, normally to get this sort of treatment you have to at least run the magazine (what am I talking about?…I run it and I still have to pay for my swag…must look into this).

But my bed is calling. The WIRZers will be in my apartment in a matter of hours and I still need to sleep, deep condition my hair, shower, read about 250 pages for a midterm tomorrow, take my pre-lecture quiz (yep, she actually quizzes us before we even have the damn class), proofread the 80 page document that is our Autumn issue one last time before all mistakes are final, raise $500- $1000 …and did I mention I have a migraine? But life is nothing, if not painful and I’m already bored with my own complaining so that stops now.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Go to church if that’s something you do, have breakfast, read the newspaper, stay in bed with that warm person whom you love and adore…but consider coming out to see us at the Wisconsin Poetry Festival next Saturday, 15th of October (https://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=relationships#!/event.php?eid=271906879495664) or the Wisconsin Book Festival in two weeks, on Sunday, 23rd of October (https://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=relationships#!/event.php?eid=299808423367092) or …and this is in DECEMBER, the Gallery Show, Dec 2nd- 10th, with the Artist Reception on Friday, Dec 9th (https://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=relationships#!/event.php?eid=294059033953835).

…oh, and when you come, bring cash, you’re going to want to buy a lot of issues as they are completely and utterly and entirely and indubitably KICKASS!!!!

As always, I remain your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine