The better half reports in…

Well, a semester of REDzine is drawing to a close…Oh, and what’s that? You can already tell these are not the fine writing styling’s of our beloved EIC? That’s true. This is the not quite as awesome AEIC filling in. It’s like a cross-over episode of your favorite cop show!

So, to continue…The first TRUE semester of our team making the kick-ass magazine is drawing to a close. We put out two amazing issues featuring interviews with some of the best writers going as well as poetry, prose, and art. We also had a great Gallery show featuring amazing artwork. And a release party with music by three tremendously wonderful bands: Hewn, Newport Jam, and Marc LaMere Trio (seriously these three bands were spectacular).

We’re all preparing to take a well deserved break…Or “break” as it may be. But we are also already gearing up for next semester: two more issues (including our HORROR issue for Summer), more art, and another release party. We will also be staying just, you know, awesome.

But, next semester will also be bringing some bitter-sweetness as it will be the last when all of our staff members are in the same city. Over the time we’ve known each other, I feel that they’ve all become true friends of mine (and I know our darling EIC feels the same). While we are looking forward to grad school (and again I think I need scare quotes, so here: “looking forward”) and the new experiences that brings, I also know that we will miss this wondrous staff. I’ve never before been a part of something which I really feel is this special or had this sense of camaraderie with another group of people. The staff of REDzine is comprised of some of the best people I know and I would totally put them on my survival team in the event of a Zombie apocalypse.

So, yes, it will be bittersweet. But we will also be going to be putting out two kickass issues! So I hope you will stick with us for what will be a tremendous continuation of the great Year 1 of REDzine.

Your not so intrepid and definitely not fearless,
Second-in-Command (but TOTALLY AWESOME) AEIC


This is NOT how the world ends…

So it’s time to get on the crazy rollercoaster for the last time this year and while it’s been fun, I can’t say that the six, or so, weeks between December 23 – January 31st aren’t going to be heaven; because they are and I’d be lying if I said anything to the contrary. It will be six weeks spent in bed with copious amounts of coffee, ramen noodles, Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood and my personal favorite, the significant other. That’s all, no great plans to do anything; it will be the epic Winter 2011 undertaking of doing nothing! The next two weeks will be sheer hell and I think I deserve to relax if I survive it. It is chock full of nightmarish things to do, including, but not limited to, one massive paper; three beastly final exams; numerous graduate-school application things — including the dreaded personal statement and statement of purpose; the printing of the Winter 2011 issue (our SECOND this semester); the Redzine Gallery Show and Artist Reception on Friday, December 9th; and the magazine issue Release Party (with readings and live music by Hewn, Marc LaMere and Newport Jam) on Saturday, December 10th. You’re probably tired just reading that, well, imagine doing it with one of the smallest staff on any campus literary journal and a budget of about 1/10th of anyone else and you’ll see why we kick ass.

Starts at 7 PM, runs until Midnight!!!!

We’re truly starting to get the magazine out there and I was tickled to see mailing addresses in Wisconsin (naturally), Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Arizona, Utah, California, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Montana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Puerto Rico AND —since we are now officially delivering magazines internationally— we can count Jamaica, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey and Switzerland as places that get Redzine!!!! WOOT!!! The love has been wonderful and the numerous nice things said about the Autumn 2011 issue was heart-warming to hear. A big shout out to you and your state…if you don’t see your state on here…maybe you should do something about that! You can still get your hands on your very own copy here,!__mag-swag; Autumn 2011 won’t become an official “back issue” for another week or two, so get it now, while supplies last. The new issue is at the printers as I write this and it looks phenomenal. So much prose…I’ll be spending some of my winter break reading it — for fun this time! Alas, copyediting is always a pain in the butt. But we rocked out TWO issues this semester, still in shock at that one, and they are each a massive 80 pages of full color!!! You should get yourself a copy if you have not already done so.

Come check out the AMAZING originals of the images you've seen and loved!!

Hmmn, I just realized The Great Winter 2011 of Doing Nothing will not happen quite that way and words cannot express my sadness. But after the planned re-haul of the website to include an online magazine section, the research and implementation of an online writing group feature, the revamping of the Mag Swag store and the launch of the Team Red gear and the creation of the Kindle magazine files etc for our online Redzine presence…then it’ll be The Great 2011 Winter of Doing Nothing? Oh wait, gotta finish up the THREE in-progress collection of short stories I’m working on and for those of you keeping count that’s 39 short-stories (13 stories each). Plus the novella…FML. Curses the AEIC and her assertion that I can’t write short, I will one day write a 10-page story, I don’t know when, but I will.

Maybe there’ll be a Great Summer 2012 of Doing Nothing…oh wait, I’ll be moving to a new state then…ok, so the great time off to do nothing is elusive, but I’m patient and I’ll get it, eventually. Le sigh.

Until such a time as we meet again, dear reader, I wish you a wonderful Holiday season and hope you get to celebrate it however you choose to, with those you love and call family. Season’s Greetings!!

I remain, as always, your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine