Even more goodness…?

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking…Twice in one night!!!! This is the equivalent of getting the girl of your dreams to go to the prom AND making it to second base all before you splurge for dinner. But, after I posted I realized that I had more I wanted to say, as usual, my everlasting mouth saves the day. So, here at WIRZ we’re interviewing and sourcing interviews for the summer horror issue and whilst I am not willing to sell my soul – I would be open to trading the AEIC’s soul however – for an interview with Stephen King. The loves I has for him knows no bounds and I would just about freak if we snagged an email interview with him. So, if you know him…tell him it would be the easiest way to make my 2012 and even though I am not terminally ill (I guess if I wanted to be technical, we are all terminally ill) it would probably still earn him some major good karma. Shameless plug for his new book is completely fine by us, but since we are no GRANTA…yet …I’ll not hold out much hope.

One day Sir King, we will bond over our love of the macabre, the pleasure of a live baseball game and perhaps the dislike of bad writers (those with affinity for adverbs and allergic to he said, she said, dialogue tags) and I will try to be normal and not gush about how as an 8 year old reading Misery I felt as if time stood still until I read it from cover to cover in one afternoon…followed in short order by Pet Sematary, Christine, It, Cujo and The Shining until I hit the beast that was The Stand (Which I LOVED). But enough love. It’s enough to say I’m a fan.

The spring 2012 issue is a tribute to the spirit of adventure and features interviews with Ron Wallace, Daniel Alarcon, Patrick Somerville and Lydia Fitzpatrick. As usual it will be chock full of poetry (which came as a pleasant surprise) and some fun prose. The Summer issue is gearing up to be a work of art and I was momentarily so excited that I had to pop back on here to share it. Horror doesn’t get the love it deserve in Creative Writing circles as it’s labeled genre and cast aside, but I’m always and forever a fan because horror writers seem to remember the one primary thing about storytelling and that is that it has to have STORY! I’m willing to follow you anywhere, all I ask is that you take me somewhere when I sign up to follow you. Make the story primary and then all other things serve to enrich your work…but don’t kill me with character development with no story…again, that’s like getting to second base and then not being willing to pay for dinner.

Not that it ever happens to me. I don’t date and the only rounding of bases I witness happens at the Brewers games I go to…the better half would probably disagree, but doesn’t get to vote so that’s all I’m about to say about that dear reader.

Have a better night and I’ll blog at you soon-ish. I promise.

I remain, as always, your intrepid (fearlessly intrepid really) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine


Hmmn, well I’ve got nothin’ for this title so…

Hello dear readers, it’s another early morning for me here, my headache finally broke around 5 this morning and I got the best sleep ever in the three hours afterward. It’s spring in Wisconsin, the skies are overcast, pregnant with the possibility of rain, and just outside my second floor window are flowering trees filled with tiny birds that chirp, rather than sing…I hated them yesterday while I was in the throes of my migraine, but today, I have the window open and all is right with the world. I’m still here, as you can tell, so either the world’s population is roughly the same, or, I am an ungodly heathen chosen to not be rapture-d away today…either possibility seems probable in this moment. Turns out the AEIC is still with us too, so I’m leaning towards the former…but we’ll see what happens at 6 pm.

But, if we all make it, Women in REDzine is slated to have an amazing year. The wonderful AEIC and I had an incredible interview with poet, Sean Bishop, this past Thursday and I must say that he made me a fan. He is refreshingly honest and cuts through the bullshit with this frankness, which is completely devoid of the pandering, my-work-is-an-ethereal-mystery crap, that so many poets seem to get bogged down in and he does it without cynicism…he is just real, and by the way, he has an amazing laugh that lets you know instantly of his genuine “there-ness” (hole in language again *sigh*) This amazing interview will be in our October (Fall) issue of WIRZ, so mark your calendar, along with an interview by multiple award-winning poet (and prose writer) Ron Wallace; multiple award-winning poet, including the 2010 Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry, Nick Lantz; and the 2005 recipient of the Quercus Review Poetry Series Annual Book Award and the 2011 Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry winner, Jacqueline Jones LaMon. This issue is certain to sell out at $8, so why not get the subscription for $26 (an amazing 4 issues and that saves you $6…then, of course, you’d get the other issues (Winter, Spring and Summer) containing interviews with Patrick Rothfuss, Nathan Englander, Benjamin Percy, Valerie Laken and Steven Amsterdam, just to name a few)

WIRZ will also be out and about this summer, our first stop being The 2011 Summerset Festival of the Arts 2011, on Saturday, July 30th, 2011. Followed by appearances and readings all across the state of Wisconsin, so if you’re a ‘sconnie come on out and see us. We’d love to meet you. The Website, Womeninredzine.com will have an updated calendar so check it regularly, or you can always visit us at Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Women-in-REDzine/206193782727250?sk=wall to stay in touch.

It’s a nice day outside. I think I’ll go enjoy it and do some writing. If today is our/my last on this earth, well it couldn’t have been a nicer day to ride out into that sunset. I hope you use this as an opportunity to carpe the diem and tell the people you love how you feel, forgive the people who need it…even if they don’t deserve it, greet everyone with a smile and a friendly hello and above all, enjoy the life you have now, instead of waiting for everything to be perfect to be happy! We are never promised a “tomorrow,” all we have are but fleeting moments. (Hmmn, I’m going out on such a note of CHEESE right now *sigh* If I get taken, pretend I said something utterly less “old sage” and Yoda-esque and more badass Darth Vader-like…or epic, like, “Release the Kraken!”…but a real Kraken, not some wussified creature that turns to stone when the decapitated head of some half-snake, half-woman, all bad-ass creature—carried by a half-man, half-god, all jackass, man wearing leather diapers—shows up to save the day…bah. I mean, come on, his emergence from the water was more epic than ANYTHING else that happened from that point onwards, but I digress, pretend I said something awesome if I get snatched up to heaven…and why do we have to be naked to go, isn’t that a little awkward for everyone involved…seriously?)

As always, I remain your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine.