Farewell To Autumn…

Dear Reader, October has passed away and as November prepares to whip us into shape I am feeling a bit of the old joy for those first crisp days of winter. The days where it’s still too warm for gloves, but still your fingers burn, ever so slightly, from the cold as you rush to your favorite coffee shop eager for the feel of the hot cardboard against your palm. It’s always weird in this in-between time, but still its nice when you stop to take the time and really look at how things are changing and that the changes are some of the most beautiful (except, of course, for spring when that blanket of white gives way to the exhilaration of GRASS!!!) There is a tree by my apartment, I don’t know what kind and really, why should you expect me to 🙂 but anyway, all the leaves…yep, every single one has turned gold. The gold that almost hurts your eyes when you’re looking up at them and the sun is shining directly through them…so fun to be in this in-between place right now.


The Autumn 2011 issue had its first (limited run) and now we wait for the campus busy bodies to get the second printing done so we can get that wave of the magazines out. I thank ALL of our contributors for their patience, believe me, I have been trying to light a fire under the powers that be…but to no avail; things at the University of Wisconsin-Madison sometimes move at their own bewildering pace.

Speaking of things moving — I know you liked that segue — the Winter 2011 issue is currently being put together. We have some more amazing interviews for you (hopefully you are as excited about the INPERSON Nathan Englander exclusive interview as we are! It was an amazing time all-around and I believe that the AEIC will be floating on that particular high for the rest of the academic year :)) and an abundance of prose for you for the holidays. There are short stories aplenty; including some to scare you and some to break your heart…we temper them with some lovely poetry and a few short, almost-but-not-quite flash fiction and an interesting mix of art. Submissions are still open and I encourage you, as always, to submit your work to us. The magazine really is a thing of beauty — and at 80 pages of 8 ½″ x 11″ full-color glossy text and all — quite a bit of substantial literary distraction/entertainment.

So, support us by getting a subscription and support your local library by gifting them a subscription and, while you’re at it, get a beautiful new centerpiece for your coffee table…one that you’ll actually want to read 😉



Until we meet again! I remain, as always, your intrepid (and fearless) leader,
The Editor-in-Chief, Women in REDzine