Women in REDzine news

Taking a page from the AEIC,

Check us out at any time: http://www.womeninredzine.com
Submissions: Now open to everyone!

Current issue:
— Special Staff Issue (Spring/Summer 2011) featuring work by award-winning writers—Chloe N. Clark, Eric Maus, Ean Weslynn, Taylor Neumann, Kristin Gulotta, Dan Pankratz, Sam Christian, Samantha Kohnert, and myself.

Upcoming Events:
— We will be having an event at Baraboo’s Summerset Festival of the Arts on Saturday, July 30th, 2011!

Upcoming issue:
— Poetry and Flash Fiction Issue featuring interviews with Ron Wallace, Sean Bishop, Jacqueline Jones Lamon, and Nick Lantz as well as so much excellent writing that we can hardly stand it and featuring the artwork of award winner Jack P. Clark!

— Now available at a ridiculously reasonable price! See our website for more info!

staff BLOGS
— AEIC’s Blog: http://pintsandcupcakes.wordpress.com/
— Art Editor’s Blog: http://betterthanslicedbread11.blogspot.com/
— Copy Editor’s Blog: http://taylorrness.wordpress.com/


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